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How to prepare for the fair
2012-7-6 8:21:12
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Before  Fair:

1. Do as much as what you can to ensure a good preparation for Canton Fair. Including checking prices, making sales stratagy, PVC panels samples preparation, catalogues, necessary small articles which are needed during the fair.

2. Inform your potential clients via email of your booth number, date, and your sincere invitation.

3. Adjust yourself in a best mood, take your uniform if needed.


During the Fair:

1. You must know your products well. Including their performances, materials, advantages, packing , workmanship, etc.

2. When negotiating with clients at booth, try to be a master of what you sell. Give them the most impressive presentation and products knowledge . Have a lot of eye contacts and body languages to ensure a best outcome.

3. Don't always check your prices list or call your boss to check the prices. Otherwise, you will be looking unprofessional.

4. Try your best to invite every potential buyer passing by to your booth,and ask them to sit and for a possible check on your products and company profile, make sure that you are always with a smile , or with good temper when explaining something to your clients.

5. Try to clarify clients in a very short time.  Identify your clients with some basic questions, such as:

A. where are you from? ( to specify which models of PVC panels are best selling)

B. Have you ever done this business before?

C. How long have you been in this fields?

D. Do you have any specific requirements for the panels? What are you normally importing from China?

6.  Don't talk nonsense with your colleagues at the fair. Otherwise, the potential clients will not come to "interrupt" your talking.

7. Be enthusiastic all the times. Don't be sitting idly there. Potential clients will be not happy to enter to your booth when they see that you are bemused or sleepy.

8. Don't make unnecessary telephone calls. Time is very short in the Canton Fair, you should take every minute to invite every potential buyers to come visit your booth, otherwise, the unnecessary phone calls will wastes too much time and opportunities.

9. Value your brochures or catalogue or flyers . Only hand them out to potential buyers when necessary. Never stand in front of your booth and hand out your catalogues to everyone passing by. Otherwise, they will consider your products or services are very "cheap".

10. Make very good notes on the name cards or contact information which were left by potential buyers, mark important things beside their cards, such as prices you quote, or aiming prices they require. Or even their special requirements or purchase quantity.


After the fair:

1. Do in time follow up , including sending emails, making phone calls etc. To deepen the impression on our company at the potential customers.

2. Be deligent.  Never count on potential buyers contact you after the fair, make sure to develop every potential buyers from time to time. Good follow up brings good result.


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