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We were back from 112th Carton fair
2012-7-6 8:22:31
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This is my second time to be on Canton Fair. Compared with the first time, this Canton Fair is well prepared on two points: 1. Suspended products to show on the fair and sample for customer to check; 2. Knowledge of our products on prices, specification and so on. There are some insufficient, mainly reflected in the unfamiliar with the accessories like jointers. 

During the Fair, when negotiable with the potential customer, we need to know their requirements and promote our products targeted. The most important factor on negotiating is the price. Since there are so many competitors, high price will surely not attract custom, while incredibly low prices will not attract customers either. The prices we quote for our 600mm panel is a fair example.


Here is the tips we need to pay special attention while having Fairs:

1.       The design of the booth needs to be attractive.

2.       You have to know well to your own products on every side and leave a impression of professional to your customers.

3.       Say Hi to those who sweeping on towards our products more than 5 second.

4.       Try every chance to chatting with the potential customers in details.

5.       Record all the information from your customers

6.       Try to clarify clients in a very short time.  Identify your clients.

7.       Pay attention to the competitors on the fair on their design of booth, products and prices.


















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