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Categories: Solar_Collector -> Pressured_System
name: Functional High Efficient Flat Collector
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Release date: 2013-9-16 15:30:55

Functional High Efficient Flat Collector

CPC reflector & auto curtain included Perfect combination vacuum tube type separated pressure bearing collector and flat panels Heat pipe with CPC reflector covered by AUTO-curtain, especially for your summer vacation, it can prevent the solar collector from over-heating, With auto-curtain, you can control the panel open or covered accordingly to your actual use. Special designed for European market.

Functional high efficient flat collector designed by LUCKY SOLAR, adopts glass plated seal on the vacuum tubes and condensing material, heat –insulating and absorption performance increase dramatically, which enhance the adaptability of the building!

Functional High Efficient Flat CollectorOverall Specifications

Dimension LxWxH(mm)



Low iron,clear tempered glass which can sustain 40mm hailstones impact

Cover Thickness(mm)


Cover dimension(mm)


CPC reflector thicknessmm


Curtain controller



Aluminum alloy with ainti-UV black powder coating

Back Plate

Stronger galvanized steel plate

Sealing Gasket



Premium Advantages:

Closed design, anti-raining, better condensing
Collector heat instantly, lower heat loss
Much more transparent glass plate, higher absorption performance.
Anti-freezing, well combined with architecture.

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