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Categories: Flat Panel Solar Collector -> Bluetec
name: Bluetec
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Release date: 2013-9-16 16:57:24


Key Specifications/Special Features:

Imported Bluetec Heat Absorbing Coat, Gathering Energy WisdomBluetec heat absorbing board, imported from Germany, with magnetron sputtering technology. The surface is coated with gradient-changed multilayer(AI-N/AI), which leads to the good spectral selectivity and the extremely high thermal efficiency. Top Level Heat Efficiency, Enjoy Warmth from SunshineSolar absorption rate reaches 92%, emissivity is only 8%, energy saving and low carbon release to make comfortable enjoyment.


Product parameter

Absorber paint layer material: Bluetec collector 
Absorber materials: 0.2/0.3 mm Copper plate or 0.2/0.3 mm Aluminum plate 
Area of heat collector: 2/2.42 sq m 
Effective area of heat collecting: 1.83/2.18 sq m 
Liquid capacity of heat collector: 1.4/2.1 L  
Glass thickness: 3.2/4 mm   
Maximum operating pressure: 6 Bar  
Maximum testing pressure: 15 Bar  
Wide open temperature: 200 °C  
Weight: 42kg 
Size Dimension: 2000 x 1000 x 80(mm)/2200 x 1100 x 94(mm) 

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