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Categories: Vacuum_Tube -> Three_Target_Tube
name: three target vacuum tube
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Release date: 2011-3-18 9:11:31

Three Target Vacuum Tube:

Each evacuated tube is composed of two concentric glass tubes; the inner one is coated with highly selective layer and it converts solar radiation into thermal energy, as for the outer one, it is a cover to keep the vacuum . Both tubes are fused together and the gap between them is evacuated to achieve excellent thermal vacuum insulation.

Three-target Vacuum Tube Performance and Specification:

Tube structure

All-glass double deck co-axial structure

Glass material

High borosilicate 3.3 glass

Outer tube diameter and glass thickness

Ø58±0.7mm;Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm

Inner tube diameter and glass thickness

Ø47±0.7mm;Glass thickness 1.6±0.15mm

Tube dimension


Absorption coating property

Coating material


Sediment method

Three Target magnetron sputtering plating


α =0.920.96(AM1.5)

Emission ratio


Vacuum degree


Stagnation temperature 

(temperature inside of empty evacuated tubes)


Average heat loss

ULT 0.40.6W/(m2 *)

Hail resistance




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