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Solar Water Heating Reduces CO2 Emissions

Currently Sunrain solar collectors are reducing CO2 emissions by more than 13,000 tonnes / 28.6million pounds per year, with collectors installed in the UK, USA, New Zealand, Germany, France, Sweden, Italy, Hungary, Portugal, Jordan, Lebanon, Australia, Canada, Mexico and many other locations.
(One metric tonne = 2200 pounds)

There has been a great deal of information in the media over the past few years about global warming and the role of CO2 emissions. 2003 saw extreme weather conditions and a heat-wave throughout Europe, clear evidence of the realism of this problem, commonly referred to as the "green house effect." Burning fossil fuels such as coal for electricity production, and gas for water heating both release large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, thus contributing to this environmentally harmful phenomenon.

By using renewable energy sources such a Solar Thermal, Solar PV, Wind, Hydro and Geothermal, reliance on fossil fuels can be minimised, thus directly reducing CO2 emissions. On average for every 1kWh of energy produced by a coal power station, 1kg (2.2pound) of CO2 is produced. Burning natural gas for electricity production or water heating produces about 450grams of CO2 for every kWh of energy produced.

In the average household, water heating accounts for around 30% of CO2 emissions. By installing a solar water heater, which can provide between 50-70% of your hot water heating energy needs, you can reduce your total CO2 emissions by more than 20%.

Below are two calculators which can be used to estimate how much you can reduce CO2 emissions by installing an Sunrain solar water heater together with either an electric or natural gas water heater. Just enter your average annual insolation level and number of evacuated tubes and click on calculate.
If you don't know how many evacuated tubes you require, please click here.

Electric Water Heater

Metric Calculation

Insolation: kWh/m2/day
Number of Tubes:
Reduction of kg of CO2/year
Imperial Calculation

Insolation: Btu/ft2/day
Number of Tubes:
Reduction of pounds of CO2/ year

Natural Gas Water Heater
Metric Calculation

Insolation: kWh/m2/day
Number of Tubes: (1.8m tubes)
Reduction of kg of CO2/year
Imperial Calculation

Insolation: Btu/ft2/day
Number of Tubes: (1.8m tubes)
Reduction of lb of CO2/year

If you are interested in purchasing an Sunrain solar collectors, please click here.

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